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Volunteer Trade Union Representatives

The Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union is looking for driven and talented aspiring lawyers to join their pool of legal volunteers.  

To submit an application, send your CV to

Deadline: Friday 31st of May - 4pm.

Volunteers undertake a range of tasks, from accompanying members to grievance and disciplinary meetings to drafting statements of case/witness statements to attending Employment Tribunals. This is all done on an ad hoc basis so there is no specific time requirement, and it can be done alongside other work. If you are looking for pupillage, particularly in employment or other areas of civil law the experience that volunteering with CAIWU provides can be invaluable. Past volunteers have gone on to obtain pupillage at top sets. In addition, volunteers play a vital role in allowing cleaners to enforce their rights avoid exploitation and through volunteering you can make a real difference to cleaners’ lives. 

In order to apply, please send your legal CV to by 31st of May 2024 at 4pm. Applicants will have their CV scored on the following criteria: 

• Academic ability; 

• Communication skills; 

• Prior legal experience; and 

• Commitment to the trade union ethos. 

In addition, many of our members are Spanish or Portuguese speakers, so proficiency in either of those languages is a bonus, but by no means necessary. We will get back to successful volunteers by the close of Friday the 7th of June and successful applicants will be required to attend a virtual training session on the 14th of June 2024 at 2pm before being able to take on cases. If you have any questions or access requirements, please let us know by emailing


CAIWU strives to be an equal opportunities organisation and is committed to diversity amongst its staff and volunteers. We therefore encourage and welcome applications from women, people of minority ethnic origin, people with disabilities, neurodiverse candidates and those who are LGBT+, as well as candidates from other groups which are underrepresented in the trade union sector. We are happy to make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled or neurodiverse candidates to demonstrate their suitability for the job. 

CAIWU is currently accepting applications for volunteer trade union representatives.  

Application deadline:

Friday 31st of May - 4pm.

CAIWU is seeking to hire an enthusiastic and committed person to join its legal department as a part-time caseworker.

Application deadline: 17th of June 
Salary: £28,000 per annum (Pro Rata 2.5 days/week), rising to £31,200 after 3-month probation.
Expected start date: 1st of September 2024. 

Volunteer Trade Union Representatives

Workplace organisation:


Dos veces al año, en verano e invierno, abrimos nuestro reclutamiento para representantes sindicales voluntarios. Los posibles voluntarios deben enviar una solicitud en forma de carta de presentación y un CV


Seleccionamos a los voluntarios únicamente por sus méritos y nuestro proceso de selección se enfoca en los siguientes criterios:

  • Capacidad intelectual y analítica, buscamos candidatos con un buen expediente académico y que puedan presentar ideas escritas de manera sucinta y persuasiva.

  • Experiencia laboral legal relevante.

  • Habilidades de comunicación oral y defensa. Se fomenta el conocimiento del idioma español, pero no es un requisito.

  • Temperamento, incluido el compromiso con el trabajo duro y la capacidad de desempeñarse bajo presión.

CAIWU se esfuerza por ser una organización que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades y está comprometida con la diversidad entre su personal y voluntarios. Por lo tanto, alentamos y damos la bienvenida a las solicitudes de mujeres, personas de origen étnico minoritario, personas con discapacidad, candidatos neurodiversos y LGBT+, así como candidatos de otros grupos que están subrepresentados en el sector sindical. Estamos felices de hacer ajustes razonables para permitir que los candidatos discapacitados o neurodiversos demuestren su idoneidad para el trabajo.

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Volunteer Trade Union Representatives
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