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Cleaners & porters protest at the Royal Opera House

Cleaners & porters protest at the Royal Opera House

The cleaners and porters at the Royal Opera House (“ROH”) protested today for improved pay and working conditions, including 1) Paid rest breaks, 2) Guaranteed contractual sick pay, 3) Additional holiday entitlement, and 4) 12% employer’s pension contribution.

The cleaners and porters worked tirelessly through the Covid-19 pandemic. They were critical in maintaining safe working practices so that customers and those involved in the production of the shows at the ROH, knew they were participating in a safe environment. Furthermore, since the pandemic the cleaners and porters have continued to provide high quality and indispensable services to the ROH.

The ROH was heavily reliant on public funds during the pandemic with support from the Arts Council England, the Culture Recovery Fund, and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. In his address, dated 25 May 2021, Alex Beard (Chief Executive of the ROH) commented on the ROH’s civic role in addressing racial injustice, the divide between rich and poor and contributing to a more equal society.

CAIWU calls on the ROH to act in accordance with the values it espouses and that change starts at home. ROH – Put Your House in Order!


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