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Cleaners and porters success at BMA

CAIWU has achieved a significant victory at the British Medical Association (“BMA”) House in London for the cleaners and porters in achieving matched pay and working conditions with BMA workers.

In December 2020, the cleaners and porters at the BMA House faced redundancy following government lockdowns and claims of reduced occupancy and ‘footfall’ at BMA House. The BMA also refused to cover the 20% employer’s contribution to furlough payments on the grounds that they would instead, concentrate on their own staff.

CAIWU’s campaign highlighted the hypocrisy of BMA with a publicly stated commitment to challenging outsourcing in the public sector and supporting Black Lives Matter. The BMA were accused of putting “budgets first, people second”. CAIWU also received solidarity from the BMA’s own branch of Junior Doctors, who were outraged at the hypocrisy and blatant disregard for the lives of the cleaners and porters.

As a result of the campaign the BMA reversed its decision on furlough payments, compelled City West Services (the outsourced cleaning company) to reinstate those workers issued with redundancy notices and for CAIWU to enter negotiations. An agreement was then reached whereby the BMA would guarantee that City West Services matched the conditions of the BMA workers. These conditions include contractual sick pay, 12% employer's pension contribution, 7 extra days holiday, paid rest breaks, a pay rise to London Living Wage as well as life insurance.

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