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Royal Opera House Ballot Result
Royal Opera House Ballot Result

30 August 2022 at 11:00:00

Cleaners and Porters deliver Yes vote for Strike action at the Royal Opera House

CAIWU has announced that its members, the cleaners and porters at the Royal Opera House, have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action with a yes vote of 93.75% following the conclusion of the balloting process.

Reacting to this result, CAIWU General Secretary Alberto Durango said: “The Cleaners and Porters have sent a clear message to the management at DOC Cleaning and the Royal Opera House. They continue to hold their heads high with dignity and deserve to be treated with the same respect as those who work directly for the Royal Opera House. We will be announcing strike dates soon.”

For further information please contact / 07927451462.

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